How Do You Uncover Beauty? – Accounts of Models Who Got Recognized in the Most Bizarre of Ways

Everybody must begin somewhere. However, many of the world’s most significant models started their careers in unexpected areas. Opportunity knocks on your door when you least expect it. Your favorite models were all discovered by someone who saw their star quality before they ever thought of gracing magazine covers.

Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen line up on the runway
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While some models enter the industry on purpose through contests and rounds of auditions, many of its top names started almost entirely by coincidence. Some of the industry’s top names were discovered in unexpected places like McDonald’s, horseback riding, and laboring in a cornfield, among other things.

Kate Moss Was Discovered While Waiting for a Flight With Her Father

Sarah Doukas and her brother, Simon Chambers, were at Kennedy Airport in 1988 when they saw Kate, 14 at the time. Kate and her father had been waiting for a trip back to London for three days, and they happened to be on the same flight as Sarah and Simon.

Kate Moss poses by the pool.
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They approached Kate right away and offered her a seat on their modeling roster. “We hurried over as soon as the seat belt indicator went off,” Sarah told Business Insider in 2015. Kate’s parents consented to let her model for Storm after she told them about the chance.

Cindy Crawford Was Discovered at a High School Football Game

Cindy Crawford, a well-known American model, actress, and television personality, was discovered by a local photographer in her birthplace. He noticed her in the crowd during the game and asked her to join him for a picture shoot for Northern Illinois University’s Coed of the Week.

Cindy Crawford models Ralph Lauren during New York Fashion Week
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Cindy told David Belasco at USC, “Of course, my parents were highly dubious of his intentions, so they accompanied me.” “However, through him, a chain of events began that led me to a modeling agency in Chicago.”

Gisele Bündchen Was Discovered at a Mall Eating MCDONALD’s

Gisele was discovered by modeling scouts at a mall in So Paulo while on a trip with 50 other girls from her hometown. “We arrived in Really Paulo after 28 hours on the bus, and we were all so delighted,” Gisele told Regis and Kelly.

Gisele Bundchen walks the runway during the Colcci show.
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“So we went to the mall, and then they found me there.” “‘Do you want to be a model?’ they said, and I was like, ‘What?’ But, in the end, I decided that I should give it a shot. I mean, there’s no other way for a 14-year-old to make money… but here I am now.”

Naomi Campbell Was Found While Shopping Casually

Naomi Campbell, the British supermodel, actress, singer, and businesswoman, was approached by modeling agent Beth Boldt while shopping with friends in Covent Garden. “I was just hanging out in my school uniform, not wanting to go home, taking a long time,” Naomi explained in a YouTube video.

Naomi Campbell on the catwalk at the Fashion for Relief show
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handed me her card and said, ‘You know, you should model,’ and I was astonished she came up to me because I was with all my girlfriends who were gorgeous, blonde hair, blue eyes, and tall, but she came to me.”