Models Whose Rise to Stardom Was Unexpected

Modeling is one of the most elegant ways of portraying different pieces of art, fashion, and creativity. While it’s a fun pastime, many people have also forged a career. Portraying so much elegance and creativity in this profession is entertaining and exciting.

Ashley Graham walks the runway.
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However, with some of these well-known models on screens and as favorites, you will be intrigued to learn the unexpected ways they were discovered. This was long before their career breakthrough. We have curated a list of 4 famous models found in the most unexpected situations.

Naomi Campbell – During Casual Shopping

Imagine going shopping, and you return home as the biggest potential in the modeling industry. Naomi Campbell was discovered by a modeling agent, Beth Boldt, while she was on a casual shopping with friends in Covent Garden. The agent saw her and took some time to observe before approaching her.

Naomi Campbell at the Laura Biagiotti Spring 1996 show.
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The modeling agent walked up to her, called her name, and slipped a card into her hands. Her words, “You know, you could model,” surprised her, but she seized the opportunity and went all in. Today, she is one of the most famous models in the world.

Tyson Beckford – Just Hanging Out at the Park

Initially, Tyson Beckford wanted to be an actor and was chasing a career in movie-making. But things turned around when he was approached by Erik Lauren at Washington Square Park, where he was hanging out. Erik Lauren, at the time, was working at The Source Magazine.

Tyson Beckford walks the runway at a fashion show.
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He was offered a modeling spot which he accepted. And he came into the limelight after the photoshoot because the magazine spread rapidly, especially in New York. This paved the way for other offers for him. And now, he is one of the most popular models in the world.

Liu Wen – All She Wanted Was to Improve Her Posture

Liu Wen told Forbes her story in 2017. According to her, her parents enrolled her in a modeling contest. Their aim was for her to be drilled at the modeling camp to improve her posture as she was tall and had a hunchback at the time.

Alt Liu Wen walks the runway during the Givenchy Haute Couture show.

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Fortunately, she won the contest — and this unplanned victory led her right to stardom and career path. Liu Wen became the first Chinese model to be featured on the front cover of American Vogue and the first East Asian Model to be hired by Victoria’s Secret.

Ashley Graham – During a Walk With Dad

In 2017, Ashley Graham revealed in a CBS This Morning interview that she was walking with her dad at the mall when a scout approached her and asked if she wanted to be a model. The scout lauded her beauty and urged her to consider modeling.

Ashley Graham attends Variety's Power of Women event.
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Although Ashley was still in high school at the time, she took up the offer and started her modeling career. She received steady gigs throughout her time in high school. After graduating, she relocated to New York at 18 to take up full-time modeling.