Leona Gage, Bert Parks, Danielle Lloyd – Most Embarrassing Pageant Competitors

Beauty pageant ritual has always included swimsuits, singing, silly questions, and smiles. Although these contests may provide the impression of perfection, the queens are human. These pageant queens have done it all, from lying about having children to importing weapons and pissing off diverse sectors of the community.

A woman cries as she is crowned Miss America 1986.
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Nude photos appear to pop out from time to time in beauty pageants. While naked and topless images may not seem the most shocking, they have resulted in competition winners losing their titles. Some of these beauty queens succeeded well, while others did not.

Leona Gage Lied About Everything

Miss USA 1957 winner Leona Gage held the title for only one day before losing it because her mother-in-law disclosed that she was married with two children and had lied about her age. As a result, gage met her husband at 13 and got married at 14.

eona Gage of Maryland was crowned Miss U.S.A.
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She also already had two children by the age of 18 — all significant no-nos in the world of beauty pageants. Nevertheless, for a brief period after the incident, she became a major media character, authored a book, tried suicide, and married six times. Then, at the age of 71, she passed away.

Steve Harvey Once Crowned the Wrong Miss Universe

Beauty pageants have all these things going for them since they take gorgeous young ladies and give them fame and money. So when host Steve Harvey mistakenly crowned the wrong Miss Universe in December 2015, chaos followed. He misread the cue card and declared another winner.

The crowning of Miss Universe 2015.
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Ariadna Gutierrez Arévalo, aka Miss Colombia, performed the typical ritual wave to the spectators after receiving the crown. Then, Harvey returned to the stage and delivered the awful news when she was finished. Miss Colombia was technically the first runner-up, with Pia Alonzo Wurztbach of the Philippines taking first place.

Bert Parks – There He Was

The Miss America pageant’s longtime emcee, Bert Parks, sang the event’s iconic theme (“There She Is”) and hosted the show from 1955 through 1979. However, pageant organizers ditched Parks at that point, believing he was no longer a viable public face for an event attempting to attract younger viewers.

Bert Parks poses with Miss America 1963
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Parks was fired with such indignity that he only found out about it from a newspaper. Johnny Carson then coordinated a letter-writing campaign calling for his reinstatement. Parks made a cameo appearance on the show in 1990, but he did not return and died two years later.

Danielle Lloyd Had a Relationship With a Pageant Judge

Pageant competitors have made news for drug usage, racy photographs, and controversial remarks in the past. The list of the most famous pageant scandals goes on and on, but most of them are fascinating in their own right. Lloyd, Miss Great Britain 2006, had her title revoked.

Danielle Lloyd after being crowned the winner at the finals of Miss Great Britain.
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After the media revealed that she had appeared for Playboy and dated one of the pageant judges. Lloyd became a UK tabloid celebrity once the story died down. She had four children, was married and divorced, and was accused of racism on the UK edition of Big Brother.