Exciting Facts You Didn’t Know About Sarah Parker

American actress, television producer, and designer, Sarah Parker has been acting since the 1970s. She made her first breakthrough when she was chosen to play Annie on Broadway. Sarah is widely known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO series Sex and the City.

Sarah Jessica Parker poses for a portrait.
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She is a fashion icon to women worldwide due to her extravagant New York style. Despite coming from a humble beginning, she is regarded today as one of Hollywood’s most extraordinary female acts. Here are four essential things you would like to know about her.

A Millionaire CEO of Multiple Brands

Parker has a television production company Pretty Matches. Her company has been creating content for HBO and other channels. She has a footwear line, the SJP collection, which has existed for about eight years. She also owns a perfume brand called Lovely, which was released in 2005.

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She released her second fragrance shortly after. Sarah has a line of best-selling fragrances, including NYC, worth $18 million in 2010. In March 2007, she launched her fashion line, Bitten, in partnership with Steve and Barry. She has an estimated net worth of $200 million.

Her Family is Always Supportive

Her mother raised her after her parents divorced. Her family moved to Cincinnati and then to Dobbs Ferry so that she could get specialized training. Her mother and stepfather helped her develop her career as an actress since she started at a young age.

Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, with their kids.
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After winning her first Broadway role in The Innocents, her family moved to New Jersey to encourage her. The subsequent year, they moved to Manhattan. Sarah and four of her siblings appeared in The Sound of Music. She currently resides in NYC with her husband and four kids.

She Has Impeccable Dating History

Parker has been married to Matthew Broderick for 25 years. She shocked everyone by wearing a black dress for her wedding. But she already had several relationship dramas before that. She dated Robert Downey Jr for seven years. The actor admitted he ruined it because he couldn’t get it together.

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She moved on and dated John F. Kennedy Jr, son of late President JF Kennedy. She said dating someone like him gave her more fame than she had bargained for. She hated the paparazzi that followed. She was also linked romantically to the actor Nicolas Cage.

She Was Once Poor

Her family struggled to provide for the large number of kids they had. She said sometimes they had no electricity and there weren’t always presents during Christmas when she was growing up. There were eight siblings, and the older ones would wrap any little present for the younger ones.

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Her family could only afford trees on Christmas Eve when it was half the price. She helped support her family at a young age using paychecks from early dancing and singing gigs. She is determined not to spoil her children and not let them feel entitled.