Celebrities Who Had Plane Crashes and Somehow Survived

Being a victim of an accident is one of the scariest things people experience. Everybody aboard hopes to survive, but those who do often need to undergo help for healing the injuries and trauma. The memories keep lingering in their head, and it takes a long time to heal and have the confidence to travel again.

Newlyweds Elvis and Priscilla Presley pose by a plane.
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Although plane crashes don’t happen often, they often cause many deaths. Most passengers don’t survive, which makes the stories of people that do even more incredible. These stars have survived plane crashes and lived to tell their story.

Patrick Swayze Crashed in Arizona

Patrick, the Dirty Dancing star, lived to tell his story after a near-death experience when an aircraft he was piloting crashed. He was traveling from Van Nuys, California, to Las Vegas. The Dirty Dancing star heard a loud sound at 13,000 feet. His dogs started barking, which made him think he had lost pressurization.

A portrait of Patrick Swayze
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He decided to land at an airport he had seen below him, but unfortunately, it was a housing development. It was too late when Patrick realized that that was not an airport. The plane hit some street lights and a stop sign. Thankfully everyone was OK.

Harrison Ford’s Incredible Luck

Ford has not been in one but several planes crashes. The actor survived a plane crash when riding in his aircraft in 2015. The World War II training plane crashed onto a golf course in Venice, California, due to an engine failure.

Harrison Ford gets into his car.
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Ford was taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital for treatment but soon recovered. Besides the 2015 crash, Ford also cheated death in 2000 when a gust of wind swept his plane off the runway. Other incidents were a helicopter emergency landing in 1999 and a near mid-air collision in 2017.

Sandra Bullock’s Missed Runway

Sandra Bullock is an Oscar winner and mother who survived a plane crash in 2000. She was traveling to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with her boyfriend for a holiday. The plane missed the runway due to a pilot error when he mistook lights due to hazardous conditions, which led to the accident. Luckily, everybody aboard survived, including Sandra and her then-boyfriend.

Sandra Bullock attends an event.
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The 2000 plane crash was not the only frightening experience for Sandra. She had yet another encounter in 2001 when flying on a private jet when the actress accidentally ran into the wing!

Barack Obama’s Minor Scrape

The former US president is among plane crash survivors. Although his crash was minor, it still counts, and he was lucky to come away without any injuries. The accident happened in 2008 during the campaigns, and he had boarded the Gulfstream 2.

Barack Obama speaks in the press room.
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He was with his campaign crew and Secret Service agents, and the plane crashed at Chicago’s Midway Airport. Obama had finished campaigning in Nevada and was returning home. The aircraft hit one of its wings against a Cessna 208 shortly after landing. Luckily, the accident was minor, and everybody was OK.